World Tourism Day
Our Mission
ATTOI works on a mission to promote tourism in India. Its prime objective is to create awareness overseas about the potentials of tourism in India.

Membership is given to all individuals above 21 years of age, who subscribe themselves to the aims, objectives and rules of the society.

Tourism Education
This programme aims to create awareness of Tourism growth from School/College level and help students interested in this field to take up tourism as their career.

Tourism Policy
Our tourism policy focuses on a symbiotic relationship between tourism activities, environmental conservation and local community development.

Tourism Research Papers
Tourism Research
Tourism Industry in India is one of the most lucrative industries in the country and contributes substantially to foreign exchange earned.

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Tourism Policy
Latest News on Travel and Tourism Industry.


World Tourism Day Theme for 2015: "One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities"

Changing times and changing trends has brought about drastic changes in all kinds of businesses. Until a decade back “Tour Operations” was considered to be a very serious business with very few venturing into it. Internet revolutionised the way we travel and the once highly conservative business suddenly became the favourite business for many.

Unchecked growth of operators, lack of licensing norms, unbelievable no. of websites and portals, extensive amount of information available online eventually took the toll and once rosy business of “tour operations” started losing the lustre and took a downward swing. ATTOI believes this correction in business is necessary as it will weed out unwanted players. ATTOI is also apprehensive about it as it will hit some of the good operators too.

There had to be a medium to safeguard the interest of good tour operators and ATTOI as the body of tour operators decided to take this initiative. is this technological medium with which ATTOI intends to achieve this objective. ATTOI wants to arrest this negative trend of tour operations business by bringing reliable tour operators closer to prospective clients. is a start up concept developed in-house by ATTOI. This portal will function as reliable source of reviews of travellers for travellers contributed by travellers who look for personalised and experiential holidays.

Reviews and referrals play a crucial role in making a decision when you plan your travel. Since hotel reviews are available, customer tend to look at various options before booking online with hotels. As a traveller there was no standardization or bench marking available online to find quality tour operators.

ATTOI President Shri. Anish Kumar believes that this global platform will enhance business opportunities within the tour operator community. He believes it will provide real time feedbacks to clients who are in the planning stages just like review sites for hotels. ATTOI with this initiative is confident it will help bring back more clients to tour operators.

There is no better marketing tool than the ‘Word of mouth’ propaganda; even with all the technological advancement, this medium beats all even today. ATTOI has decided to use this popular medium and with the help of technology intends to reach across to millions of travellers around the world. This well proven model with contributions from travellers who have experienced services with tour companies will have a detrimental effect on decision making process of future travellers, just like it has with hotels today.

India’s prime body of tour operators, Association of Tourism and Trade Organizations, India (ATTOI) has decided to launch this exclusive tour review portal, on September 27. ATTOI believes with this nouvelle initiative will be a giant step in achieving this year’s World Tourism Day slogan “A BILLION TOURISTS, A BILLION OPPORTUNITIES’.

"One Billion Opportunities for Tour Operators"